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Types of freelance jobs that you can do online

There are hundreds of jobs you can do online. These include those that require specific IT skills like web design, graphic design, coding, script development, database administration etc. and those that require knowledge of specific fields and writing skills like article writing, providing content for websites, blogging etc. Anyone can however do easy jobs like typing, data entry, forum posting, directory submissions etc.

Following are a few examples of jobs posted at Gofreelance, a premier freelance job site:

You can sign up for a trial subscription at Freelance Work Exchange for just $2.95, and get access to all the projects in the jobs database. Though the high paying jobs listed above will require advanced skills, their database has jobs suitable for all. To sign up, click here.

The following are a couple of projects posted at, another good freelance website.

You can have a free membership at, but there is also a Gold membership worth $12 per month that will greatly enhance your reputation.

Another example of freelance jobs are that those offered at webmaster forums like Digitalpoint. There are special sections for trading and offering your services at these forums. Some of them are held as contests.

Examples of such jobs include:

While these jobs are free, you need to build up your reputation to get more customers. Once you establish a reputation for good work and honesty, your job will be much easier. You can launch services like directory submission or article submission services. The usual rate for submission to 100 good free directories is $10. You can learn more about launching such services by going through the forums listed under Useful sites.

You can receive payments for your online assignments in many ways. Paypal is the most popular method of online payment. You can open a free personal account at paypal, but you will have to upgrade once you have withdrawn a total of $2500. Signing up for a Premier account requires credit card verification. Indians can withdraw a maximum of $2500 per month with Premier account. You can withdraw money from paypal in the form of Indian rupee cheques, the minimum you can withdraw is $150. There are also third party sites like Xoom which allow you to withdraw money from paypal to India. Other less popular alternatives for online payments include e-Gold, Moneybookers and Western Union Money Transfer. You can also get paid by cheque or bank transfer, but this is slower.