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Webmaster Forums

Webmaster forums are a great source for freelance jobs. Thousands of webmasters are looking to outsource work to freelancers. Opportunities available at these forums include website template design, logo and banner design, writing for blogs, writing articles, posting to message boards and forums, managing link exchange campaigns, directory submission services, providing stock photos, posting to social networking sites like etc. Many webmasters post contests for logo or template creation. Others solicit the services of freelancers by posting the details of the job and rewards. Always check the reputation of the user before volunteering to work with someone. Those with many posts, good reputation points and good trader ratings are generally reliable.

Many Indians have launched directory submission services where they submit a website to 100 or 200 online directories for a fee like $10. Directory submissions help website owners to gain back links which are valuable in search engine rankings. To learn more about this and other services visit the following webmaster forums.

Content Websites

Many websites pay you handsomely for writing articles and to provide content. Generally you need to be experts in the field for you to get accepted. A few examples of such sites include:

Some of their top writers make thousands of dollars each month.

Administering Online Discussion Boards

Online discussion boards need moderators to keep the forums tidy and avoid spam. If you are an active participant in a forum, you can get the chance to be a moderator. Now a days many forums pay moderators for their work or have a revenue sharing arrangement.